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Read these instructions before & after purchasing. You can e-mail me if you need help.

Get started

  1. Download and copy
  2. Connect Google accounts
  3. Update colors & logo
  4. Export as PDF
  5. Set e-mail delivery
  6. Export to Google Sheets

Read: As a prerequisite, you will need at least one of the following set up:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google AdWords

At the moment, this doesn't support: Google Analytics v4, E-Commerce Analytics, & Goals Tracking.

  1. Download and copy the file

    After purchasing, you'll receive the following:

    • A .PDF file
    • A link to the master dashboard in the .PDF

    1) Download the Getting Started Guide

    Inside the .PDF file, click on the link to the master No-Code Board Google Data Studio template.

    2) Copy the report

    Next, duplicate the file by clicking on the Make a Copy button in the header.

    No Code Board getting started guide

    Click on the link to the master dashboard

    Make a copy of this report

    Click on this icon to duplicate the master report

  2. Slow down! This is a very important step.

    Connect Google accounts

    After you click "copy this report", you will see a prompt to map your data sources. Do not skip this step.

    Instead, connect your data sources, we currently support:

    1. Google Analytics
    2. Google Search Console
    3. Google AdWords

    Once you match your data sources, you will need to authorize them to Google Data Studio. Only you will be able to view your own data in this report.

    Why are there two different Google Search Console data sources?

    If you are using Google Search Console, you will need to connect both of the following to the same Google Search Console account:

    • Google Search Console Data (Site)
    • Google Search Console Data (URL)

    This will give you additional metrics at both the Site and URL level, like Average Position and Landing Pages.

    What if I don't need one of these reports?

    If one of these is irrelevant for you or your team, then just simply delete the page by going to Page → Delete Page.

    Connect your data sources

    Match your data sources from the dropdowns

  3. Update colors & logo

    You can update the colors and logo of your No-Code Board template to match your brand.

    1) Uploading an image

    Upload an image by clicking on the image icon — or by going to Insert → Image and uploading an image from your computer or by pasting in an URL.

    2) Changing the color

    You can change the color of your report's header section by clicking on the yellow rectangle, and going to the Rectangle Properties → Background and Border to update the background color.

    Upload your logo

    1) Upload your logo

    Change the background color

    2) Change the background color

  4. The following steps are not necessary and are just additional ways to maximize Google Data Studio:

  5. Export as a PDF

    Google Data Studio allows you to export reports as a PDF so you can share more easily.

    1) Exporting as a PDF

    You can export your reports as a PDF by going to File → Download as → PDF

    2) Choosing your download options

    Google Data Studio will let you download your PDF for:

    • All Pages
    • Select Pages

    Can it be password-protected?

    Yup, in addition to exporting all or specific pages, you can also password protect your PDF by clicking on Additional Options → Password protect report. It must be at least 4 characters long.

    Export your report as a PDF

    1) Export as a PDF

    Choose your download options

    2) Select your download options

  6. Schedule e-mail deliveries

    In addition to exporting PDFs, you can also e-mail them to yourself and any other recipients via scheduled e-mail deliveries.

    Click on the arrow near the Share icon, and select Schedule email delivery.

    In the email delivery window you can do the following:

    • Add recipients
    • Customize subject
    • Customize message
    • Choose all or select pages
    • Pick a start date & time
    • Repeat on a schedule

    Here's a template you can use as your message:

    Monthly Performance Report for {Company}

    This is how our website analytics, search traffic and paid advertising performance in Google has been performing over the last month:

    Schedule an email delivery

    1) Click on Schedule email delivery

    Select your delivery preferences

    2) Choose your delivery preferences (e.g. schedule, recipients...)