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Built on Google Data Studio

Google Analytics, that makes sense to stakeholders.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of digging through Google Analytics and creating weekly marketing reports.

I made this template so neither you nor I should ever have to.

The best part? It's completely no-code, takes ~60 seconds to set up, and it's built on top of Google Data Studio (which you can get for free).

No subscriptions or upgrade fees — just pay once for lifetime value.

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"...a masterclass in data visualization and usefulness." - Simpler Google Analytics Dashboard (built on Data Studio) | Product Hunt

Launch note from Ed

As a Growth Designer and someone who loves SEO & Acquisition, I spend a lot of time in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

But, I get tired of looking up the same pieces of information, over and over again.

Or worse, spending precious hours trying to teach stakeholders how to use GA instead.

Which never goes as planned. Because who actually has time for that?

Aren't there better solutions out there? Sure, but I didn't need another monthly subscription for more tools that I'd only use a few times.

Thankfully, I found Google Data Studio.

It's free. Yeah, for real.

It seamlessly integrates with Google's other tools like: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords.

Oh, and there's also zero-coding involved.

As an Indie Hacker, Marketer & Growth Designer — I figured I'd combine my love for data, design and efficiency to create these at-a-glance dashboards.

These templates have been super useful for my team, so I thought I'd share them with everyone else too.

Who is this for?

Pretty much anyone who finds Google Analytics confusing.

Marketing & Growth Teams

Share at-a-glance reports on website, campaign and search performance with teammates or stakeholders — all in one centralized area.

Digital Marketing Agencies

Keep your clients' website performance on track and give them a wow! with customized white-labeled reports that reflect their brand.

Startups & Indie Hackers

Too busy to set up dashboards because there's so much else to do? Same. But no worries, this takes just about ~60 seconds to set up.

No subscriptions or upgrade fees — just pay once for lifetime value.

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What is No-Code Board?

No-Code Board is a reporting template built on top of Google Data Studio — a free business-intelligence offering from Google to help you visualize data with interactive dashboards.

It helps you centralize your reporting in one area and answer key questions at-a-glance:

Google Analytics

How many people are visiting?

How long are they browsing?

How many pages do they visit?

How often are they bouncing?

Which marketing channels are engaging?

What sources are the traffic coming from?

Where are they located?

What's the age range of your visitors?

Which pages get the most traffic & engagement?

 and many more signals...

Google Search Console

How many people are visiting from Google?

How often are they clicking through?

How well are we ranking?

What keywords drive search traffic?

Which poor keywords are we not ranking for?

Which pages are getting search traffic?

What are the top pages driving search traffic?

Which pages are not doing so well?

What other websites are linking back to us?

and many more signals...

Google AdWords

How many people are clicking on ad?

How often are ads being seen?

How often do people click through?

How much does it cost per click?

How many are clicking and bouncing?

How much is being spent on ads?

How much of paid traffic actually converts?

Which campaigns are performing the best?

Which keywords are performing well?

and many more signals...

As long as you have Google Analytics, Search Console and/or AdWords already set up,
it only takes a few seconds to get started.

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What else can you do with these reports?

Harness the full power of Google Data Studio to take your dashboards to the next level.

Get reports in your inbox

Email PDF reports to anyone on your team using an automated schedule.

Customize with your brand

Easily edit our white-labeled reports to match your (or a client's) brand.

Dig deeper with filters

Slice reports by date ranges, specific pages, devices & marketing channels.

Manage data sources

Pull in data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads.

Export to Google Sheets or CSV

Drill down into your data, and export it as a CSV or Google Sheets for even deeper analysis.

Share with your team

Slice reports by date ranges, specific pages, devices & marketing channels.

No monthly subscriptions either, just pay once.

See an example

Marketers are loving it ❤

“Learning Google Data Studio was way too time-consuming. This dashboard gets pretty much all the basic stuff done, and has been super impactful since day one.”

Bruce Hogan

CEO/Co-founder at SoftwarePundit

“I save so much time from digging through Google Analytics and Search Console. This makes it way easier to see it organized in one central place and to share it with the team”

Brian Ta

Growth PM at Coinbase, ex-Airbnb & AngelList

“I used to spend hours wrestling with Google Analytics, these reports that Ed created are a masterclass in data visualization and usefulness.”

Rohit Sahay

Growth Engineer at Netflix, ex-Medium

Simple pricing for everyone

No annoying subscriptions or upgrade fees — just pay once for lifetime value.

🎄   Holiday pricing: 25% off (until December 31st, 2021)


Use for your own website, company or your clients.

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Google Search Console Stats

Google AdWords Stats

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Frequently-asked questions

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free reporting tool from Google that allows marketers and analysts to visualize data with interactive charts and reports.

Why use Google Data Studio Templates?

It's a perfect no-code solution for building reports. Most websites tend to already use Google Analytics, Google AdWords and/or Search Console.

Data Studio integrates with all of these easily so there's no need for switching between tools or paying for additional integration software.

Does this work with GA4 (Google Analytics v4)?

Sorry, this does not work with Google Analytics v4, I am working on a separate template for this to be released in the near future.

Will I get charged again?

Nope, there's no recurring monthly or yearly payments, so there's nothing to ever cancel.

Can I share this with my clients?

Yes, you can share reports with your clients. You'll be able to customize the logo and colors to match your client's brand. However, you may not redistribute or resell it as your own under any circumstance per licensing agreements.

Do you offer refunds?

We're sorry, given the nature of this project, a digital download, we're unable to offer refunds during this time.

Do I need to pay extra for Data Studio?

Nope! There are no extra costs when using Google Data Studio, it's free-to-use. As long as you have Google Analytics already set up, it takes just about 30 seconds to get started.